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Do you want a great link-building plan to bring in new inbound links to your website’s best pages? 

Inbound links are considered as the most important ranking factor on every search engine. 

There’s no doubt that you require great link building to rank for competitive keywords. 

One of the Top link-building strategies is guest blogging or guest posts. It’s considered the most effective tactic. 

In this article I will make you familiar with the 6 ways by which you can use guest posts in a productive way for building links that will eventually help you in ranking higher on the search engines.  Visit Cashunbox

6 Ways to empower guest posts for link building :

  • Select Topics Sensibly 

You need to share blog topic ideas with the blogger as a key factor in the success of your pitch. Research gives you insight into the types of topics they choose, but you have to take it a step further with unique suggestions. 

Think of creative ideas that will impress the blogger. Brainstorm and write out a few ideas on paper to get started.

When you start the idea generation and writing process before it helps you to stay ahead, by this you can tell the blogger about different ideas you have in your mind giving them more options to select from.

  • Use Backlinks to Your Advantage 

You can use quality backlinks in your guest post to your advantage. For example, you get to write a guest post that is related to the content of your website then it becomes easy for you to link your website to it. 

If it’s not directly related to your website content then you can find something common and write accordingly to mention the relevant keyword that can be linked with your website. 

This is a simple yet creative way to make the visitors land on your homepage and if you make it interesting they will likely read your content. 

  • Analyze your Performance

You cannot just write a guest post and forget about it. Even if you do it really well and write quality content.

What you need to keep in mind is to track and evaluate the efficacy of your campaigns frequently to make adjustments in your approach.

So that you can make necessary improvements wherever needed, and by following up on campaign performance allows you to get better with your strategies.

  • Write Quality Content

The best strategy is to write quality content so that you can link it with your website. You cannot write average content and expect your blogger to find it appealing. 

The content you write should match the audience’s expectations and stantards. 

Here you can take the help of professionals for analyzing what sort of content the audience would like and prepare the guest post accordingly. 

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  • Connect with the Blog Owners 

Have you noticed that almost every blog has the “ contact us” option by which you can contact the blogger?

 You can reach out to them and introduce yourself and explain to them that you are interested in writing guest blogs for them in return for an inbound link. 

Show how sincere you are and be honest. Most bloggers like to get their work done for free in return for a link to someone else’s website. Contact many bloggers at a time and keep track of who requires a post at what time. 

Maintaining a spreadsheet will make your work easy and you would be able to produce a guest posts on time. 

  • Fret for Opportunities

When you are thinking of doing guest posting for building links for your website, you should identify the potential blog you can write for. 

Select the keywords and search blogs on them or blogs related to that topic. If you are not able to find blogs related to that topic then search for keywords related to that topic. 

After finding enough blogs you can start with your work without any worries. 


Guest posting is considered an effective strategy to get high-quality natural backlinks for your website. You can be at the top of the search engine ranking by using the strategies I have mentioned above. 

We have made you familiar with the ways by which you can produce great guest posts and find guest post opportunities.  And by using these ways you can leverage link building.

I hope this article was helpful for you and it made your work easy by telling one of the best ways for using guest posting for empowering SEO link building. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ:)

Q. How do guest post helps in SEO?

Guest posting also known as “guest blogging” is the process of writing content for another organization or company’s website. Generally, guest posts are written for similar blogs within the industry to attract traffic back to the website. This is how they Boost their domain authority using external links through guest posting. 

Q. What is the benefit of guest posting?

In simple words, the benefit of guest posting is to increase reach and traffic. 

In the guest posting, you publish the content more frequently and on a variety of topics and this is how you can gain more audience and visitors. 

Q. What is paid guest post?

A paid guest post is the post you write for another website and they pay you for writing it. You can also attach backlinks to that guest post to your website. This helps you in earning money and gain traffic at the same time. 

Q.Is guest posting free? 

Guest posts are free, but sponsored posts must be paid for by the website that promotes your business. Most of the time, it is you who provide the content, but your website may also take care of that. All in all, it is a more straightforward marketing strategy.

Q. Does guest posting still works? 

It works! Guest posting is considered as the oldest and most effective method for link building. It has a good return on investment. 

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