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Google Search Algorithm is considered the strongest technology. Google once removed the German website of BMW from its search index when it found out that the company was trying to boost the site ranking artificially. 

This news is enough to state how powerful the google search algorithm is and how it can affect your business. 

Lets us now understand more about how google search algorithm actually works?

how google algorithm works

What is the Google search algorithm?

Google search Algorithm is the process of ranking the content which is used by Google. It takes into consideration many things like the words of your query, the way keywords are used, How do Backlinks Works, etc. 

Why is Google’s Search Algorithm so important?

We know what is google search algorithm but how is it affecting our website? Let us understand, when users search for something on google, the searched words are considered keywords by google. Google shows all the web pages related to that keyword and assigns ranks on many other facts including how many times the keyword is being used. 

For getting a high ranking on a search engine like google, it is really crucial to understand its algorithm so that you can work accordingly, get a high rank and gain more traffic. 

How does Google’s search algorithm work?

Google’s algorithms are extremely complex and challenging to understand. There are around 200 factors on the basis of which google works, but no one knows them all. 

Even if we dig deep into it and try to understand each and every factor, them too we will lose track and will not be able to understand it, because it is said that Google changes its algorithm 6 times a day which means 2000 times a year.

Google Ranking Process:

There are three steps used by google for ranking websites, those three steps are as follows:how google search engine works algorithm

  • Crawling: Google’s bots crawl the web, looking for new or updated pages and indexing those that have been released. In general, the more links a page has, the more likely Google is to locate it.
  • Indexing: Next, Google analyzes these URLs and attempts to determine the purpose of each page. It does this by carefully looking at the content and images on the page, and then stores this information in a huge database called the Google index. You must ensure that your sitemap, headers, and tags are configured correctly during these first two stages of technical SEO Audit checklist.
  • Serving: The final step is to decide which of these pages is most relevant and helpful for a given search query. This is called the ranking stage, and the Google search algorithm is responsible for this process.

What Should You Do?
Although Google’s Search Algorithm keeps on changing, the fundamentals of SEO have not changed much. So you should focus on the ranking factors so that you can get a high rank. Few points which are evergreen and you should keep in mind while working:

  • Create Good quality content: Your content should be relevant and of high quality, try to produce well-formatted content that matches the keywords’ search intent.
  • Regular Updates: Most of the information needs regular updates and google shows those websites on the top which are new with fresh content and this is why it is necessary to Keep your content up to date.
  • Ensure great user experience: If the user is getting what he/she needs then this is sure they would like to spend time on your website and this would happen when you give a good user experience.
  • Use Topical authority: Sites that have additional, valued content about queries relevant to the one being searched, and that have a high level of user value for similar queries, are displayed by Google.

A little about Google Algorithm Updates:

We know the google search algorithm changes almost every day and there are some major changes every year. So it is necessary to stay updated so that we can work with SERPs in a better way. 

Three major updates are here:

  • Intrusive Interstitials Update
  • Shift to Mobile-First Indexing RankBrain

How to find Google Updates?

Google uses its public channels to release any major updates, so you can keep checking on those channels for frequent and major updates.
Some of those sources are:how google search algorithm works

  • Google’s official Twitter handle
  • Google search YouTube channel

Let us Summaries:

Google’s algorithm is dynamic, it has a complexity that is challenging to understand. I don’t blame google for this because if the algorithm is made public and is easy to access then anyone would be able to exploit it for their own good. Which will affect the search results and the whole work.

All we can do is focus on how can we improve the rank of our website by keeping in mind On-page Seo ranking factors. I hope this article gave you a clear view of what Google’s search engine algorithm is, How it works and what can we do for our best. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What algorithm does google use for search?

A webpage’s PageRank (PR) is the algorithm used by Google Search to rank it in search engine results. As well as being named after co-founder Larry Page, it is also named after the term “web page”.

Q. Is google search algorithm a secret?

To understand and clarify a search query, Google’s search algorithm first has to understand its meaning and intent. The mechanisms that enable this are, again, a secret, but we know they allow the search engine to understand the scope of the search.

Q. How many algorithms does google have?

 It is stated that Google is using around 200+ algorithms that are suspected based on patent filings, reverse engineering, and the Ouija board. Although we are not yet familiar with all the 200 algorithms we only have a few 3-4 algorithms used by Google.

Q. How does google get information from you?

 Google collects data from you easily as they use various web tracking technologies some of them are IP address tracking, cookies, and others which are used in the ad tracking industry to collect data from you and learn more about you. IP address tracking is a technique that is used by Google to identify your location

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